Country Life with a Hint of Urban Style

Take a stroll around Steepleton, and you might end up sipping a coffee in the café by the main entrance, or you could find yourself flicking through the morning papers in the lounge.

Whenever friends or family visit, you can book them into the guest suite and treat them to a meal in the private dining room. The General Manager will be happy to assist with bookings, as well as recommending local restaurants and organising events to help you make the most of living in Tetbury.

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The Restaurant

Using the best local produce and artisanal goods, the restaurant serves freshly cooked meals every day. A flight of stairs leads up to the private dining area and games room. This space can be booked through the General Manager.


Café & Snug

Serving coffee, cold drinks and a choice of pastries, the café leads up to the upstairs snug, where a wood burner makes for a cosy atmosphere.


The Lounge

In addition to the comfy armchairs, the fire and the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the lounge has an honesty bar concealed behind some of the cupboard doors.


The Gardens

The nine buildings are structured around a series of interlocking gardens. The 'common greens' provide splashes of meadow-like colour, while the gardens and 'wold courts' are pretty wildernesses and the main way of getting about. An outdoor swimming pond is also located at the heart of the development.

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The Spa

Small bridges lead over the outdoor swimming pond to the spa, where an indoor Nordic spa pool looks out towards the aquaculture gardens. There is also a herbal sauna, a salt-inhalation room and a steam room, while a range of treatments and manicures can be enjoyed in your apartment.

Indoor Spa Pool

The Gym

With state-of-the-art equipment and a range of workout classes, the gym caters for a range of exercise preferences and fitness levels. The personal training option also means sessions can be tailored to individual requirements.

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